Explanation of score and icons

Overall percentage score per main test

  • Internet.nl contains three main tests consisting of test sections that consist of subtests. For example, one of the main tests is the website test which contains a test section on HTTPS that has a subtest on HSTS.
  • Each main test is resulting in an overall percentage score.
  • Every test section of a main test weighs more or less evenly in the overall percentage score. So if a main test consists of four test parts, the maximum score for every test part is 25%.
  • Websites with a perfect score of 100% will be added to the Hall of Fame.

Icons per test section result

Passed : Passed all subtests ⇒ full score in test section
Failed : Failed at least one subtest ⇒ no full score in test section
Suggestion : Execution error for at least one subtest ⇒ no result in test section

Icons per subtest result

Passed : Passed the subtest on a ‘must have’ or ‘should/could have’ ⇒ respectively full score or no score impact
Failed : Failed the subtest on a ‘must have’ ⇒ null score
Suggestion : Failed the subtest on a ‘should/could have’ ⇒ no score impact
Not testable : Not tested, because already failed related parent subtest ⇒ null score
Partly passed, partly not testable : Some servers passed subtest, but not all servers could be tested ⇒ null score