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The Internet Standards Platform thinks your privacy is very important. Below we explain how we handle your personal data.

  • according to the law
    We process personal data only to the extent necessary to give information and advice about modern internet standards and in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act.
  • protected
    We have taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures against loss, abuse and illegal use of your personal data. The information is transported over a secure connection and the data is stored in a secure database.
  • cookies Internet.nl does not place any cookies on your computer or mobile device, not even to gather statistics.
  • specifically:
    • Internet.nl stores the IP addresses of visitors to the site. These will only be used for logging for security reasons and for optimisation purposes.
    • The information required to run the tests and the test results are stored only to offer current and future functionality and for statistics. This particularly relates to the IP address for the connectivity test and the e-mail address for the mail test.
    • Incoming mail messages may be shared with experts from platform members in order to answer questions as best as possible.


You can find an exact legal description of your rights and our duties with regard to processing of personal data in the Dutch Data Protection Act and the cookie statement in the Dutch Telecommunications Law.

If you, after reading this statement, still have questions about the protection of your privacy when using this site, please contact Internet.nl.

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